Should I use a Phone Number?

Unless you have a “vanity” number, or one that is very (and I stress very) easily remembered i.e. XXX-buy-this,  a phone number is a complete waste of precious seconds. NOBODY (except for The Rain Man 🙂 remembers phone numbers!  And the more you repeat it, the more annoying it becomes. You’ve heard the Ads which repeat over and over the phone number, tell me this doesn’t aggravate you.  If your Ad has made an impression customers will find you.

Radio/TV Station Will Do My Ad For Free…Or Very Cheap

My main “beef” with Radio and or TV stations doing your Ad is that……

(1). They,  (the stations) have little time if any to devote to creative. “They” are in the business of selling time, and time only, NOT production.

(2). Usually you get the same voice that is used on literately hundreds of other commercials, some of which could be your competitors. Not Good!!

(3). The copy (the creative writing) is usually filled (to fill time) with over used advertising cliches. i.e. best prices, convenient location, friendly courteous staff, zzzzzzzzzzz.

(4). The copywriter in many cases is not a real creative writer…often the sales rep, a part timer, or even interns, have been known to write/creative advertising copy. This is a talent that is not acquired overnight, and is a major part of a successful Ad.

Just like telling a joke…Anyone and everyone can tell a joke..(we’ve all met them) but only a few have mastered the craft of “getting the laugh”..i.e. The result.

All the above help to create the sad statistic of “upwards of 89% of commercials going totally UN-noticed”.

We live in a world of professionals…Hire one!!!

Doing Your Own Commercial

Short answer, don’t! “This” is becoming more and more popular as media outlets employ less and less talented people. Here’s how Radio or TV stations save time and money.

Let the client write the script, put a camera, and or mic in front of him or her,  and viola we’re done. And the commercial? In most cases are terrible,  and are instantly tuned out (part of that 89% remember?)

As in most everything there are a few exceptions, but for the most part,  an advertiser should stand behind his or her  product, not in front of a camera. For the same reason(s) you wouldn’t do your own medical or dental work, (as it would be hazardous to your health) Well, we’re talking about the health of your business and you certainly don’t want to jeopardize that with a commercial that looks and sounds like ****. Sure your neighbors, your golf buddies, and or your friends at church may be telling you how great you are…But the people who don’t know you may well be thinking “P.U”. There’s more to creating an Ad that will yield you maximum results than just spewing “name, address, we’re #1, convenient location, friendly courteous service” blah..blah..blah.

We live in a world of professionals….Hire one!!!

What will a production cost?

There are some cost variables in Ad production(s) such as will it be on Radio,  TV, or both. Market size, talent(s), length of usage, etc. But please heed this warning….

Do not look at the cost to produce the Ad as taking any monies away from your media schedule. A well produced Ad will do what it’s supposed to do, give you a significant return on your investment. Your production budget should be included in your overall broadcast budget. Now… re-read the first line of this paragraph!

Remember, nothing happens if your commercial does not penetrate the clutter, get and holds the viewers attention, and can be recalled (remembered)  after “its” broadcast.

I would argue that the Ad creation and continuity are the single most important parts of ones marketing efforts. Not the station, Not the day part, or Not how much you paid for the schedule. It’s The Ad!! 

Finally, if you’re offered free production IF you run your schedule with “a station” remember what your Momma told ya….”Ya get what ya pay for!!”