What will a production cost?

There are some cost variables in Ad production(s) such as will it be on Radio,  TV, or both. Market size, talent(s), length of usage, etc. But please heed this warning….

Do not look at the cost to produce the Ad as taking any monies away from your media schedule. A well produced Ad will do what it’s supposed to do, give you a significant return on your investment. Your production budget should be included in your overall broadcast budget. Now… re-read the first line of this paragraph!

Remember, nothing happens if your commercial does not penetrate the clutter, get and holds the viewers attention, and can be recalled (remembered)  after “its” broadcast.

I would argue that the Ad creation and continuity are the single most important parts of ones marketing efforts. Not the station, Not the day part, or Not how much you paid for the schedule. It’s The Ad!! 

Finally, if you’re offered free production IF you run your schedule with “a station” remember what your Momma told ya….”Ya get what ya pay for!!”