Doing Your Own Commercial

Short answer, don’t! “This” is becoming more and more popular as media outlets employ less and less talented people. Here’s how Radio or TV stations save time and money.

Let the client write the script, put a camera, and or mic in front of him or her,  and viola we’re done. And the commercial? In most cases are terrible,  and are instantly tuned out (part of that 89% remember?)

As in most everything there are a few exceptions, but for the most part,  an advertiser should stand behind his or her  product, not in front of a camera. For the same reason(s) you wouldn’t do your own medical or dental work, (as it would be hazardous to your health) Well, we’re talking about the health of your business and you certainly don’t want to jeopardize that with a commercial that looks and sounds like ****. Sure your neighbors, your golf buddies, and or your friends at church may be telling you how great you are…But the people who don’t know you may well be thinking “P.U”. There’s more to creating an Ad that will yield you maximum results than just spewing “name, address, we’re #1, convenient location, friendly courteous service” blah..blah..blah.

We live in a world of professionals….Hire one!!!